Grill up a Healthier Memorial Day Spread

Memorial Day picnics are an American institution, but they can be a speed bump in your quest toward a healthy summer lifestyle.

We set out to give you some menu items that will fill your belly with delicious flavors without making you feel like you have to leave your party early to get a three mile in before bed.

So, without further ado …

Citrus Pesto Turkey Burgers

There is nothing like a good burger at a cook out, but let’s face it, traditional cheeseburgers are terrible for you. The answer? Our Citrus Pesto Turkey Burger is short on unhealthy fats without sacrificing taste. In fact, we practically guarantee that our citrus pesto spread will light up your mouth with so much flavor that you’ll be looking for other things to put it on.

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Pesto Turkey Burger

Pasolivo Yam Fries

Yam Fries are a great side to serve up at your cook out. They elevate the traditional french fry to something sweeter, more flavorful, and far healthier alternative. If you want to take them to even more memorable levels, put out a myriad of different dipping sauce—something to please every palate.

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Yam Fries

Italian Basil Corn on the Cob

Nothing says the kick-off to summer like a juicy corn on the cob. What you might not have thought about changing the experience by changing up the seasoning. Sure, salt and pepper are classic and never go out of style, but do something different this Memorial Day and add a little Italian Basil Seasoning to the mix. You won’t regret it.

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Corn on the Cob

Fresh Fruit and Lemon Curd Tart
with Shortbread Crust

Healthy doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your desire for some sweets this Memorial Day. Our Fresh Fruit and Lemon Curd Tart with a Shortbread Crust will satisfy that craving while throwing in a complex texture and flavor profile just for fun. But here’s a quick tip from us, you might want to grab a piece early on. It won’t last long.

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Fruit Lemon Tart

Pasolivo Continues to Garnish Recognition at Home and on International Stage

Pasolivo continues to rack up awards at local festivals and top international competitions alike.

Pasolivo Wins at NYIOOC

At the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) in April, 530 awards were bestowed on the 1000 entrants, and only 73 of those awards were given to American producers.

Pasolivo’s oils were well represented among those 73. Our Classic, Cucina, and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil varieties all took home the gold, and our California Blend took home silver.



Pasolivo Represents Well in California

The California Olive Oil Council recognized three of our olive oils last month when it released its 2018 winners.

Our California blend received a Gold rating while our Classic and Cucina oils brought home Silver.

Pasolivo recently racked up accolades at the 2018 Olive Festival in Paso Robles, California as well.

Its Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend took home awards for being Best of Class and Best of Show. Pasolivo’s Citrus Olive Oil also took home a Gold while our Cucina, Garlic Lemon, and California oils took home Silver. Our Classic oil was awarded a Bronze.



An Easy Menu for a Fun Family Day

Tomorrow is a day set aside internationally to remember the importance that family plays in our personal lives, our communities, and the world. Social media will be overflowing with people posting pics and videos under the hashtag #FamilyDay.

For our part, we wanted to pass along a menu that wouldn’t keep you in the kitchen all day while still giving your family fun, substantial meals and snacks to accompany the memories and activities you’ll be creating.

Family Day Breakfast
Hash brown Waffles

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This statement is never more true than when there is a fun-filled day of activities lined up for your entire family.

Our hash brown waffles are not only fun to make and look at, but topped with eggs and your favorite protein, they provide hours of energy and only minutes of clean-up.

800x400 - Hashbrown Waffles

Family Midday Snack
Granola Bites

Breakfast is over, and it’s onto the first activity. There’s only one problem. Less than 30 minutes in, and the kids are already talking about how hungry they are.

No problem, you’ll be prepared. Our granola bites are both filling and healthy, so you won’t mind giving them as many as they want to hold them over until lunch.

800x400 - Granola Bites

Family Day Lunch
Turkey Salad Sandwiches

Whether you plan on coming home for lunch or packing a cooler, our turkey salad sandwiches offer a healthy and more cost-friendly alternative to stopping at the local fast food restaurant.

These sandwiches are lean and mean in the best possible way. Serve these up with some tortilla chips and some fresh veggies, and you’ll be ready for round #2 of activities.

800x400 - Turkey Salad Sandwiches

Family Day Evening Snack
Rosemary Popcorn

Your outside adventures have concluded, you’ve returned home, and everyone is getting cleaned up and ready to settle in for the evening. There’s only one problem, they’ve burned off their lunch running, swimming, and playing and there is still an hour or so before dinner.

Our rosemary popcorn is perfect for a pre-dinner snack. It’s not heavy enough to ruin their appetite, but it does take off the edge and prevent a family full of hanger. Put a bowl of our popcorn out on the counter and you’ll be parent of the year.

800x400 - Popcorn

Family Day Dinner
Philly Cheesesteak with Lemon Aioli

You’ve had a long day, but while the kids settle in and relax, you still have dinner to make. We’ve got you covered.

Our Philly cheesesteak sandwiches are second-to-none and don’t require a lot of hassle. Best of all, you can have the kids cue up a movie and serve dinner in the living room because these sandwiches don’t make much of a mess.

800x400 - Cheesesteak

Let Us Know About Your Day

Don’t forget to let us know how your day went. Send us pictures of your adventures by tagging us and using the hashtag #MyPasolivo. We love to keep up with our Pasolivo family.

Cooking with Your Child at Every Age

How old is old enough to let that special child in your life help you in the kitchen? The answer might surprise you.

A couple weeks ago, we published an article on 5 habits that cultivate a love of cooking and good food in your children. The response to the article was so encouraging that we’ve decided to write some more family-focused pieces.

It doesn’t matter if the children in your life are your children, your grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or some other relational dynamic. Giving those young spirits experiences in the kitchen early and often has been shown to have a direct impact on their views of healthy food and their ability to navigate around a kitchen well into adulthood.

Kids are very capable helpers in the kitchen, and it is that shared time learning about preparing food that they get their first tastes of feeling grown-up and confident in their self-sufficiency.

Here is a list of widely regarded age-appropriate kitchen responsibilities, broken up in general stages. These are purposefully broad because every child is different, and it’s important to take that into account when deciding how much independence they should have.

But, without further ado, here is our list:

Ages 18 Months to 3 Years

I know what you’re thinking, “Those olive oil people at Pasolivo are crazy! I’m not going to have my 18 month old helping in the kitchen.”

Just hear us out. There are many jobs in the kitchen that are suitable for children as young as 18 months, some would argue that children could start even sooner. At this age, they should obviously be completely supervised and the work space should be cleaned and cleared of any objects, fluids, or ingredients that could be potentially harmful.

Sure, you may have to deal with extra clean up. You might even have to finish the job, but remember that we’re building a foundation here. This is less about efficiency and more about teaching and familiarity.

If you’re looking to involve your youngest children, here are some good options.

  • washing fruits and vegetables
  • stirring ingredients that are room temperature
  • mashing with a fork or potato masher
  • sprinkling spices, flour, or powdered sugar

Ages 3–5 Years

The preschool years are a magical time of curiosity, exploration, and learning for children. It is often their first tastes of independence and decision making as they are given the freedom to be in a room by themselves and to embark on adventures, both imaginary and real, even if that adventure is something as simple as exploring the back of their closet.

Their time spent with you in the kitchen should feed that natural curiosity and desire to feel bigger than they are while still placing appropriate restrictions on their tasks for safety and teaching purposes.

Here are some child friendly tasks that will make your preschooler feel like they are an important contributor while maintaining your peace-of-mind that they’re operating in a controlled environment.

  • weighing ingredients
  • washing fruits and vegetables independently
  • cutting soft ingredients with a plastic knife
  • breading and flowering
  • mixing with a spoon or their hands
  • tearing or smashing
  • using a mortar and pestle
  • kneading and shaping dough

Ages 5–7 Years

These seem to be the years where we grown-ups begin to doubt our kids and underestimate their potential for achievement.

Maybe it’s the fact that we don’t want them to grow up. Maybe it’s their penchant for teetering between having the same emotional meltdowns that they had during their terrible twos and consistently saying things things that would sound more natural if coming from an adult who just returned from time spent “finding themselves” on a walkabout .

Either way, they confuse us and we’re not sure what they can handle. Have no fear, use this list as a gauge in the kitchen, and they might start surprising you in other areas as well.

  • cutting with a small sharp knife
  • cutting with kitchen scissors
  • using a grater
  • greasing and lining cake trays
  • peeling oranges and hard boiled eggs
  • setting the table properly and according to traditional dining etiquette—in our opinion this is a vital and lost art for anyone who likes to host

Ages 8–11 Years

The pre-teen years are confusing years. Children in this age group long for independence. If there are older siblings, they are often appalled at not having the same freedoms that come with being a teenager.

At the same time, they are still quite dependent on the grown-ups around them.

They come to you crying when they wreck their bike, but will turn around and argue with you about how close they have to stay to the house on their adventures.

Learning to cook and take responsibility for their own meals and the meals of their family can be an empowering responsibility as well as giving you the opportunity to watch them mature.

So what are pre-teens generally capable of? Here’s a good list of places to start.

  • planning meals
  • following simple recipes
  • finding ingredients
  • using a peeler
  • whisking with a balloon whisk or hand mixer
  • using heat
  • making salads
  • opening cans

Ages 12+ Years

We’re about to blow your mind.

Your 12 year old is capable of doing anything in the kitchen that you can do. Sure, it will take some instruction and teaching, but you’d be surprised what they can accomplish with a little help from YouTube and Siri.

A Closing Disclaimer

Before you launch into a barrage of comments and notes about how we’re not being realistic, please keep in mind that it was less than a century ago that children were routinely responsible for cooking for the entire family. That was a job that was considered to be easy enough to delegate at an relatively early age by our modern standards.

While we’re not coming anywhere close to recommending you turn over your kitchen, it is worth noting that the major difference between those extremes is that there has been a fundamental shift in kitchen culture in America. The kitchen is increasingly a hub of activity and hurried tasks that need to be accomplished on the way to some other task.

Everything must be taught. And if we want to raise teens and young adults that can function in the kitchen better than most adults, then we have to make sure that every stage of their life is filled with appropriate tasks and education.

If we want to make them feel at home in their kitchen when they’re an adult, then we have to make them feel at home in our kitchen when they’re a child.

It’s Time for Cinco de Mayo, Pasolivo Style

Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, and we don’t ever want you to feel like you are headed to a fiesta hosting opportunity without some menu suggestions from us.

Here are three menu that items that are can’t miss options for you and your guests no matter who is coming over. Don’t forget to send us pictures on social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #MyPasolivo.

Lime Black Bean Salsa

800x400 - Lime Black Bean Salsa.png

Chicken Fajitas

800x400 - chicken fajitas

Cucumber and Sriracha Blended Margarita

800x400 - Cucumber and Sriracha Margarita

5 Habits to Help Your Kids Love to Cook

Studies show that children who help with cooking and meal preparation go on to lead healthier lives and consume more fruits and vegetables than kids who do not.

Cooking with your children is a romantic ideal conjuring up images of smiling children with their hands in a pristine bowl of baking dough. In reality, it’s often kitchen floors covered in unrecognizable goo, hand mixer mishaps, and high blood pressure.

Here are a 5 cooking habits that will make the culinary experiences with your child more enjoyable with effects that ripple long after the memory fades.

Engage with Your Child at the Grocery Store

The earliest and often the best places to start a love of cooking and good food is at the grocery store.

Even one way conversations about what makes one bundle of tomatoes more desirable than another, how delicious properly cooked asparagus is, or having them help to decide whether to have chicken or pork on Wednesday all sets the stage for them making the same decisions for themselves later in life.

Find the Time to Take the Time

If your families are anything like ours, the hurdles to having your children cook with you often start and end with our hectic schedules.

A busy evening where dinner is being squeezed in between homework, soccer, and dance lessons is probably not the best time to teach your 10 year old the difference between crushed and minced garlic. Instead, try setting one night a week that the entire family cooks dinner together and use that time to cook and reinforce new skills and knowledge.

Teach Kids The Tools of the Culinary Trade

A significant obstacle to learning to do anything is being intimidated by the tools that it takes to be successful. No one is going to build a house if someone doesn’t teach them to operate a circular saw. The kitchen has its own tools.

Take the time to teach kids how to use the hand mixer. Teach the difference between the oven and the broiler. Kids as young as 6 or 7 are old enough to begin using proper knife skills. Things like terminology, measurement conversion, and choosing the right pots and pans are all basic knowledge that has to be taught in order for them to feel comfortable doing it for themselves later.

Focus on a Signature Dish

This is our favorite tip because it’s so much fun for everyone involved. Is there anything better than being known for a particular dish and asked to bring it to every party?

Give your kids the same ownership. Teach them how to make an omelette, loaded nachos, or cheeseburgers. The dish itself doesn’t matter other than it should be something they love themselves and have fun making. Help them to perfect the dish to the point where they can do it without supervision. Once they own it, encourage them to experiment with new flavors and ingredients, and then stand back and watch the magic and creativity they’re capable of.

Give Them the Chance to Shine

Lastly, it is important that your kids feel acknowledged for their culinary successes.

As they feel more comfortable around the kitchen, give them complete ownership over some part of the meal. Maybe it’s the dessert course or just the garlic potatoes. Whatever it is that they prepare, make sure to comment during the meal how delicious it is and some specific thing you like.

For example, “Seth, I really love how you were able to keep the outside of these roasted potatoes crispy while the insides are still perfectly cooked. How did you do that?” Giving them credit and the voice of a master chef will give them the confidence and positive associations to keep them coming back to the stove over and over again.

What About You?

How do you teach your children to love good food and the process of preparing it? Leave a few of your own tips in the comments section below or on our social media. Share this article and ask your friends and family for their tips and experiences. Make sure to tag us so that we can follow along.

The Most Important Gift for Real Estate Agents Is NOT the Closing Gift

Almost every successful real estate agent that I know gives a closing gift. It’s almost expected at this point. Do you know what happens when something is expected? It becomes a commodity instead of a brand builder. The question then becomes, how do you raise the bar on client gifting without finding ways to outspend your competition?

Let me start with a couple of facts:

Around 21% of your real estate clients will be repeat clients. Another 21% will come from client referrals. That means that approximately 42% of real estate business is directly tied to client relationships. That’s for an average agent. In reality, it’s much higher for rock star agents.

Investing in client relationships is playing the long game, but it’s the smart play. The most important date to give a gift to your client is NOT the day they sell or purchase their home. It is one year later.

Your clients will probably not be surprised or moved by your closing gift unless it is extravagant or exceptionally thoughtful. However, receiving a gift on the anniversary of their purchase is sure to make an impression.

What Does a Gift on the Closing Date Anniversary Accomplish?

It Reminds Them That It’s Been a Year.

This might sound silly, but it’s crazy how fast time flies, and sending a gift to help celebrate the first year in their new property is a great way to conjure up all the positive feelings they had dealing with you as well as the memories they’ve made in the past twelve months.

It Reminds Them That You Exist.

Hey, you had a great run together. For the time they were house hunting, you were probably always near the top of their list of recent calls. But after closing, that relationship probably fell off almost immediately. A closing gift on their anniversary means that they’re going to be talking to their friends and family about you all over again and move you to top-of-mind when someone talks about needing to buy or sell a house.

It Builds Your Brand.

If you want to stand out, you need to beat or set the trends in your region. Even though this is still low-hanging fruit, we’re always surprised at how few agents are organized enough to execute this strategy. But for those who adopt this strategy now, the positive effects on their brand, reputation, and revenue will be exponential to their marginal investment.

Automate Your Real Estate Gifting Strategy

One increasing trend is to find a gifting partner that will work with your client database to make sure that anniversaries and other important dates are utilized to strengthen your relationships and to make sure your gifts are shipped and received in a timely fashion while still staying within your budget.

Here at Pasolivo, we work with Real Estate Agents all the time and understand all the work and careful considerations that need to be made to ensure that you continue to leave a positive impression long after closing. If you’d like to talk to one of our corporate concierges, click below, and we’d be happy to talk about some different options that will help you grow your business and build stronger relationships.

Corporate Gift Button