Celebrate Independence with a Tastefully Healthy July 4th Menu

4th of July is a day to remember who we are as Americans and how that impacts the world we live in. It also means lots of celebrating, fireworks, and more picnics to attend than there are meals in a day.

We’ve laid out the beginnings of a menu that will separate you from all of the other picnics in your neighborhood thanks to the delicious, healthy Pasolivo ingredients in each recipe as well as our dedication to changing the way you and your guests experience food.


Citrus Pesto Turkey Burger

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Turkey

Lemon Pepper Corn on the Cob

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Lemon Pepper Corn

Olive Oil Potato Salad

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - Potato Salad

St. Germain Sparkling Sangria

Blog Picture - 800 x 400 - sangria


Luck Has Nothing to Do with This Pasolivo St. Patrick’s Day Menu

St. Patrick’s Day Appetizer – Potato Pancakes with Spiced Applesauce

Blog Body Sub Photo - Potato PancakeThe Irish eat Boxty en mass. Potato pancakes actually have cultural variations all over the world with each region putting its own spin on the dish. In Germany, they are Kartoffelpuffer. The British eat Tattie Fish. The Jewish celebrate with Latke during Hanukkah.

St. Patrick’s Day Side – Crunchy Cabbage Salad

Blog Body Sub Photo - Cabbage Salad

There are few foods that feel as Irish as cabbage. In this case, we’re going to use it as our salad and side. Cabbage is great to add texture and crunch to your meal. It’s one of our favorite food textures.

St. Patrick’s Day Entree – Rosemary Pork Loin with Boozy Cran-Cherry Chutney

Blog Body Sub Photo - Pork Loin

There are few meals on a rainy March evening like a savory rosemary pork loin. Add the words “boozy cran-cherry cutney” and you’ve just made it a party. This entree will be the star of the evening and all those good feelings are sure to pave the way to stories, laughs, and more than a few memories.

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert – Citrus Carrot Cake


Okay, maybe carrot cake isn’t the most exciting dessert choice for most, but it’s subtle savory-sweet finish will finish off your St. Patrick’s Day meal with just the right amount of energy and appetite for adventure.

The rest of the evening is up to you to create. Slàinte!

An Easy Four-Course Valentine’s Day Meal That Will Romance Your Palate

Planning a meal for Valentine’s Day when it’s on a weekend is stressful. If it’s on a Wednesday, it can lead to a state of full-blown panic. Sure, you could just celebrate on the weekend, but pulling it off on February 14th lets your partner know that they are worth a little extra time and preparation.

We applaud that kind of romantic ambition, and to reward you, have went ahead and laid out a four course meal that is easy to prep, cook, and plate any day of the week, but particularly the days that call for a little extra romance.

Click each menu item below for directions and a complete ingredient list.

The Starter

625x625strawberrysaladRomaine, Fruit and Pesto Salad

This salad brings the same bold flavor as a well-delivered pick-up-line. It’s not meant to stand on its own, but it will raise intrigue and keep your partner wondering what comes next.

Feel free to substitute you and your partner’s favorite fruits to give it that custom look and feel that lets them know you are paying attention.

 The Entree

Balsamic-Brown-Sugar-Lamb-Chops-1-570x380Lamb Chops with Blackberry Balsamic Reduction Sauce

For the main course, we’ve brought you a savory lamb chop set off by the fruity tang of a blackberry balsamic reduction that accentuates the bold flavors in the lamb for a truly balanced and memorable experience.

The Accompaniment

brus.spro_frontview_productsCrispy Smoky Roasted Brussels Sprout

Our favorite vegetable pairing with savory meat is something from the Brassica Oleracea family—broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and others all stem from that singular plant.

Of all of its family, we think that Brussels Sprout is the most underrated. If it’s been awhile since you’ve tried these sprouts, we think this would be an excellent time for you to revisit them.

The Dessert

ff672f0c61b0e11b06abd6be60504470Tangerine Olive Oil Brownies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like dessert. Chocolate decadence is frequently on the menu, but we’ve paired that traditional flavor of cocoa with a complementing but not overpowering tangerine profile that will have you both licking your fingers and your plate.



Audible out of a Predictable Super Bowl Party Menu with These 10 Recipes from Pasolivo

When the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles meet in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4, football fans around the United States will gather in living rooms and man caves to watch the games and the commercials with varied levels of attention.

One thing that will be present at all of these Super Bowl parties will be the expectation of football food, and for most of these parties, the menu will look mundanely similar—chips with various dips, nachos, wrapped sausages, Bratwurst, and pizza.

What do you do if you want to watch the game, maintain a level of foodie flavor, but don’t want to spend 2 days in the kitchen getting ready for the feast?

Well, funny you should ask.

Here are 10 of our recipes that will wow your guests and allow you to enjoy the party like everyone else.

roastednuts1. Savory Tuscan Roasted Nuts

These savory morsels should be spread throughout the party. They are more flavorful and memorable than any pre-packaged assortment of nuts you can buy at the supermarket, and they’re small enough to not break your television if thrown.

white bean dip2. Rosemary White Bean Dip

This white bean dip is a healthy alternative to the dips you’d find at most Super Bowl parties. Really looking to impress? Make some homemade tortilla chips or crustinis instead of simply opening a bag of chips next to the bowl.

rosemary popcorn3. Rosemary Popcorn

This is the easiest item on this list, but it’s the one you should make the most of. It’ll go fast and by the handful in the tensest moments of the game. This is also a great table bowl in the viewing room. It breaks even fewer televisions and pictures than the Tuscan Roasted Nuts.



Lime black bean salsa4. Lime black Bean Salsa

Okay, we’re well aware that salsa is a mainstay at most Super Bowl parties, but none of them use the fresh, tasteful ingredients in our recipe. We’re not going to pretend that we don’t think it has a lot to do with a specific brand of extra virgin olive oil.

turkey burger5. Citrus Pesto Turkey Burger Sliders

This is the most substantial item of your Super Bowl spread. Who doesn’t love sliders? The unique texture of turkey burgers is set off by an explosion of citrus and pesto.

basil dip6. Basil Feta Dip

This rich spread replaces the normal cheese balls. Serve it up with simple crackers or oven baked crustinis. Either way, you’ll see your visitors return over and over to spread and eat until it’s gone.

spicy lime spread7. Spicy Lime Sweet Potato Spread

The unique texture and explosion of flavor will have people turning quizzical faces into surprised fans as they hurriedly fill their plate with more. This can be served with thick cut potato chips, homemade tortilla chips or crustinis.

pasolivo yam fries8. Pasolivo Yam Fries

This is the Pasolivo answer to boring old french fries or fried foods in general. Put these out and surround them toppings for a fun and costomizable experience. It’s like loaded french fries only sweeter.


grilled mushroom skewers9. Grilled Chicken Skewers with Mushroom and Green Onions

Warning! These will go fast, and as the host, you will probably not get any, so you might want to stash a couple away in your kitchen. Chicken; mushrooms; and green onion are can’t miss, and who doesn’t love food that comes on a stick?

ghost pepper wings10. Ghost Pepper Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip and Crudites

There are entire restaurants that survive solely because of the their wings. Make these wings, and before the end of the night, your guests will already be asking if you’ll be hosting again next year and whether there will be those wings again.

The Cheesiest Foodie Four Course Meal Imaginable

We’ve scoured our Pasolivo recipes to come up with this multi-course masterpiece—no cheddar, American, or processed cheese food allowed.

Click the name of each course for the recipe and a list of ingredients and directions.

Starter: Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta


Your guests have arrived, the music is set to your favorite dinner party music on Spotify, and drinks are being poured.

It’s time to bring out the first course.

Whether you are serving these butler-style or presented at the table, this first course will open your guest’s palate as the citrus olive oil and Tuscan balsamic vinegar set off the savory mozzarella

Salad: Harvest Quinoa Salad

harvest_quinoa_salad_lr-862_cnvThis is not your grandmother’s dinner salad. This winter salad is an explosion of textures and flavors, headlined by a sweet and savory mix of bacon and cranberries and a hint of ambrosia—yeah, ambrosia. We told you, we’re bringin’ it.

While your guests “ooh and aah” over your daring salad choice, hit them with this fun-feta-fact: feta cheese is normally made with goat or sheep’s milk instead of cow and is an excellent cheese alternative for those with a lactose intolerance.

Entree: Tomato and Asparagus Pasta

Pasta_3qrtView_Parmesan_ProductIt’s time to clear the salad bowls and bring out the main course, a colorful and alluring tomato and asparagus pasta tossed with asparagus and tomatoes in a roasted garlic sea salt and topped with an aged Parmesan cheese.

Not to leave you lacking in cheese knowledge, I’ll arm you with this: only cheese from the Parma and Reggio regions in Italy can legally be labeled Parmesan—short for Parmigiano Reggiano, the two major cities of its origin.

Desert: Mascarpone Tart with Orange Blossom Honey

635x635mascarpone_1The meal is coming to a close, but the night is still young. Bellies are full and plates are empty. The experience has been rich, but the human connections have been richer still.

Time to finish it off with a cheese that is known for accentuating the flavors of sweet and savory dishes alike without overpowering them—Mascarpone—that we have coupled with a tantalizing orange blossom honey.

With desert plated and served, we leave you to the rest of your hosting duties with this cheese inspired toast:

“May your night be rich and savory, and may all your conversations melt into yet another.”